Saturday, January 12, 2013

AJ Savage Bombardier Station

There were two different basic configurations for the AJ Savage bombardier station. The first one provided displays for the navigation and attack radars used for all-weather strike from level bombing. The second incorporated the new AN/ASB-1 radar system that incorporated the visual bombing capability of a periscope.

The first 40 AJ-1s were produced with this bombardier station:
The AN/ASB-1 station looked something like this:
My guess, based on the A3D-1 station, is that it looked like this:
Note that the pilot station also changed between the AJ-1 and -2. The AJ-1 was set up with power quadrant (throttles, propeller controls, mixture, etc.) on the left and a control stick. For various reasons, the AJ-2 pilot was provided with a control wheel and the power quadrant on the center console. The third crewman was also relocated from the cabin under the flight deck in the AJ-1 to the flight deck on the AJ-2.

More later.

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