Thursday, November 7, 2019

Douglas AD-4W/AEW.1 Antenna Configurations

Ed Barthelmes has done a great deal of research on the various AD-4W radio-antenna configurations, including preparing the following illustrations.

There were basically three different suites, which Ed summarizes as A, B, and C.

BuNos 124076 through 124127 were delivered with suite A: 
BuNos 124761 through 124777 were delivered with suite B:
BuNos 125765 and subsequent were delivered with suite C:
This table identifies the various antennas by number:
The following pictures are of the Details (A through P) listed in the table above:

Note that the smaller HF relay antenna is located a bit farther forward on the tip of the vertical fin as shown above. The lower portion is housed within a dielectric panel, which necessitated the relocation of the wire antenna farther down on the leading edge of the vertical fin.

Because the AEW.1s were transferred from different AD-4W production blocks, their antenna configurations varied.

Note that Configuration A aircraft had "naked" landing gear struts and flush windows in the crew compartment doors (see

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