Monday, February 15, 2016

Early P2Vs

Some odds and ends on the differences between the P2V-3 and the P2V-7...

P2V-3 Gun Nose:

P2V-3 Gun Nose vs. P2V-7 forward fuselage:

P2V-3C forward fuselage (significant differences in red) versus P2V-7 (the P2V-7 nose looks a bit off):
Note that for the P2V-7, the bomb bay was bulged downward (a change introduced with the -5), the nose landing gear moved forward to accommodate a bigger radar on the belly, and the canopy raised and relocated forward.
P2V-7 Nose Turret

The P2V-5 nose turret may be similar but the -5 did not have the raised canopy or the forward nose wheel well. (The forward end of the -5 wheel well was at Sta 114, 31" aft of the -7's.)

P2V Tail Turret

Note the rotation of the unit that was introduced at some point early on as a 2° downward rotation of the aft fuselage beginning about half way between the leading edge of the vertical fin and the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer (it also resulted in the tilting aft of the vertical fin).

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