Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Piasecki HUP Interior

The HUP was somewhat underpowered so an interior might be somewhat less well furnished than shown here:

The rescue hoist was mounted above the right front seat and the rescue hatch below it so it had to be removed or folded forward for hoist operations:
Note that the flight controls including the cyclic, as shown above, might remain in place but the seat could not be folded forward unless it was removed.

 However, the pilot and crewman had to be insure that the rescuee didn't grab the controls as he came into the cabin.

There were several instrument panel arrangements. The top one was BuNo 128503-128600.

The cabin interior ended at the attachment point for the aft main landing gear strut;

The engine was mounted aft of the hole in the bottom of the fuselage and backwards, so the drive shaft pointed aft and the engine exhaust stack was forward of the engine.

The engine was mounted at an angle and drove a gearbox that had outputs forward to the front rotor and upwards to the aft rotor.
The engine was encased in a shroud. There was a fan on the "front" of the engine that sucked air in from the openings in the front of the pylon for engine cooling. The air exhausted out the opening in the bottom of the fuselage. An oil cooler was mounted at the rear of the opening.

For an excellent review of the Amodel HUP kit, see

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