Monday, February 15, 2016

Early P2Vs

Some odds and ends on the differences between the P2V-3 and the P2V-7...

P2V-3 Gun Nose:

P2V-3 Gun Nose vs. P2V-7 forward fuselage:

P2V-3C Forward Fuselage versus P2V-7 (the P2V-7 nose looks a bit off):
Note that for the P2V-7, the bomb bay was bulged downward (a change introduced with the -5), the nose landing gear moved forward to accommodate a bigger radar on the belly, and the canopy raised and relocated forward.
P2V-7 Nose Turret

The P2V-5 nose turret may be similar but the -5 did not have the raised canopy or the forward nose wheel well. (The forward end of the -5 wheel well was at Sta 114, 31" aft of the -7's.)

P2V Tail Turret