Saturday, September 7, 2013

F2H-2 External Stores

F2H-2 Ordnance Options

1,540-lb maximum; some examples on the SAC:

Eight 100-lb bombs or five-inch rockets

Four 250-lb bombs

Two 500-lb bombs

Four 250-lb bombs and four five-inch rockets

Some bombs were darkish green olive drab. The bands were generally yellow. The fuse in the nose was unpainted metal.

Note that tail fins, which were stored separately from the bomb body, were generally pristine since any distortion from rough handling affected accuracy.

Rockets also varied in the shade of olive drab. Again, the fins were generally pristine.

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  1. This also is a good time to mention that the Banshee carried both types of single 5" rockets, the HVAR and the longer HPAG (included in Airfix/MPC/Heller Skyraiders)