Thursday, December 20, 2012

F9F Panther Cockpit Color

This is a hedge podge of pictures. The first four show the color of the ejection seat, which is pretty clearly interior green with a black headrest. Note that the headrest is tipped forward in the second and fourth one.

 Note that this Panther has the additional white fiberglass reinforcement around the edge of the canopy and on the "strap" over it, unlike all the others in this post.

This is the cockpit of a restored Panther but it looks about right from a color standpoint. Note that the seat cushion and parachute were generally not removed from the airplane.

The next two pictures show the area aft of the armor plate.


  1. The second pic shows rather a Cougar than a Panther, doesn´t it?

    1. Possibly. If so, it's one of the early F9F-6s that were delivered with the F9F-5 ejection seat. (The white fiberglass canopy reinforcement was introduced with the F9F-5.) In any event, the colors are the same as the Panther's.