Monday, November 28, 2016

XF-92 Main Landing Gear Actuator

Photobucket is fighting me today so I'm posting this picture here for an answer to an XF-92 question on Britmodeler.
 Annotated Howard Mason Photo

The landing gear actuator is at the aft end of the wheel well. There are other pictures of it here:

It acts on a bellcrank that rotates the landing gear up and down. Note that the actuator is fully retracted when the gear is down so no piston is showing as when an actuator extends to put the landing gear down. Note the slot in the actuator end fitting that is connected to the bellcrank for the latter to slide inside it as actuator extends fully as the gear retracts. In other pictures on the link you'll also note that the hydraulic lines are missing but the requisite hydraulic fittings are on the actuator.

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