Sunday, June 29, 2014

Grumman F8F-8T/TF-9J Notes

Also see comments by Fotios Rouch, who has had the opportunity to actually fondle the new Kitty Hawk 1/48th kit, here:

Proper "sit"

Nose Landing Gear Strut

Wing Fold Angle

"Feel" Aileron

Ejection Seats

Note that the Martin-Baker seat in the picture above has a British seat harness (shoulder and seat belt straps with a twist-open central attachment point instead of a strap arrangement for a torso harness). Tom Weinel: "There were also at least three different MB seats in the Cougar when I flew it in 1966-67. Most had the USN harness arrangement but some had the RAF style. You had to know which seat type the aircraft you were going to fly had, because with the RAF seats you didn't wear a torso harness. One of them, I don't recall which one, was the absolutely most uncomfortable ejection seat I ever sat in. I was always glad I never had to eject with one, it was no wonder they were back breakers, the position they had you in."

Tom Weinel has pointed out some other details:

He notes that the clear window in the leading edge of the left inboard wing is for the angle of attack lights:

The correct shape of the engine inlet:

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