Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

F7F Tigercat Shell Ejection Ports

A question arose on a modeling web site about the location of the shell/clip ejection ports for the nose-mounted Grumman F7F .50 caliber machine guns. That turned out to be not very well documented. I also determined that because the narrow fuselage required that all four ammunition boxes be staggered, the pair of guns on the right side of the fuselage were located aft of the two on the left side, with the ejection ports positioned accordingly. (There was a longer blast tube on the right side so the ports in the nose were not staggered.)

Right side (XF7F-1 wind tunnel test)
Here is a better view of the location of the 20 mm cannon ports in the wing:
They appear to be pretty much in line with the barrels, maybe slightly outboard.

Left side (early F7F-1)
Note how much farther forward they are relative to the wing leading edge than those on the right side.