Friday, December 14, 2012

Early F4H RAT

Since this is not likely to be a subject of general interest, I am posting it here for those who have a desire to know.

The first F4H and a few after that had two Ram Air Turbines (RATs), one under each inboard wing leading edge. In this early flight picture, they are deployed.
This picture shows the location of the door.
The door opened outboard and the RAT dropped down from the compartment it covered.

 This shows the RAT in the right wing in the extended position.

 As shown above, the RAT was two-bladed and probably looked something like this:

When it was determined that inboard leading edge flaps had to be added for increased low-speed lift, the wing-mounted installation was no longer possible and a single RAT was incorporated in the upper left fuselage.

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